Falling Asleep with a Vampire Novel…

paranormal romanceAt the moment, I would have to say it’s my new favourite thing to do… getting all cosy and snuggly in bed with a vampire. Ahem, a vampire romance book. I guess we all go through phases of reading different types of books and I’m going through one right now. Continue reading

My TOP 10 Music Playlist While Writing Romance Stories

Romance Playlist

Let’s face it, music infuses your creative juices. It delivers a rhythm that conjures up beautiful imagery. I love how it fires your imagination.

I’ve been thinking about my top 10 music track playlist that gets my mind into the head space for writing romance stories lately.

Here’s my current Top 10 Music Playlist as at now: Continue reading

Doctors and Nurses – a short sexy tale

My thighs niggle me with heat, my skin sticking to the leather and refusing to let me shift in the reading chair. The summer sun torments the roof, tired tin creaking and cracking the silence.

My body slouches back and I hoist my thigh over the side of the arm rest, letting one leg dangle free as a delicious hint of cool air creeps up my denim skirt.

Why is he sitting all the way over there? Continue reading