Sexless Marriage is one of the most commonly searched terms in Google

sexless marriageI am surprised. I’ll be honest.

It even topped searches for porn. That’s kind of impressive. So it begs the question… Why?

Sexless marriage is such an issue. I mean why are married couples or even those in relationships not having sex. Or rather sex that rates a mention. I would have thought that is one of the factors you shack up with someone.. sex on tap. I know that’s why I got married. Access 24/7.

Meeting a Guy Old Skool Style

I mean who doesn’t want to have what happens in the movies happen in real life?!

Girl meets guy or guy meets girl on a bus, on a train, in the street – just in real life period. And you talk, you strike up chemistry and you go and get coffee or exchange numbers. Cool. Way cool.

Doctors and Nurses – a short sexy tale

My thighs niggle me with heat, my skin sticking to the leather and refusing to let me shift in the reading chair. The summer sun torments the roof, tired tin creaking and cracking the silence.

My body slouches back and I hoist my thigh over the side of the arm rest, letting one leg dangle free as a delicious hint of cool air creeps up my denim skirt.

Why is he sitting all the way over there?

Do You Have A Healthy Form Of Self Love?

Self Love, Self WorthOK…so I meditated recently and pondered why do we care what others think of us?

I’m talking about the kind of care that really means stifling your spirit, or rather the living of your life to satisfy others.

Now that’s not what I call living your life for you. 

5 Relationship Tips for Him About Her

5 top tips for men

It should come as no surprise to any of us here, because as you know girls love to talk about stuff. And when I say stuff.. I mean pretty much anything. We love to outwardly express our fleeting thoughts, mindstates and inner ramblings without editing. Just thought I would mention that to avoid any surprises.

Love and The Little Things

loveheartThe old adage goes actions speak louder than words.

I never really appreciated what it meant when it comes to love in all its many colours. But now I do.

It’s the little things shared between people who love each other that seal the complete meaning of the word love.

Anyone can say I love you, but how many can provide a continual flow of love through actions and attention to detail?