5 top tips for men

It should come as no surprise to any of us here, because as you know girls love to talk about stuff. And when I say stuff.. I mean pretty much anything. We love to outwardly express our fleeting thoughts, mindstates and inner ramblings without editing. Just thought I would mention that to avoid any surprises.

Here are my Top 5 Relationship Tips for Him about Her


1. Communication

No surprises there! There is nothing more desireable than a guy who can talk about his feelings and express them freely. Showing a sensitive side that’s open to sharing thoughts about anything and also perceptive to the feelings of others is quite frankly… damn hot. The whole sensitive guy thing wins hands down every time. We do want to cuddle and talk about anything and everything after we’ve had sex with you!

2. Actions Speak Louder than Words

They truly speak volumes! Lip service comes freely. It’s the day to day thoughtful little random acts of loving kindness that really seal the true meaning of love in any relationship. Think about something that shows your love, such as making her favourite dinner, picking a flower from the garden and placing it in a vase for her to find or leaving little love notes to bring a smile to her face. Trust me, it’s these kind of things that melt hearts every time. It’s the actions that show your words are more than mere words.

3. Honestytop relationship tips for men

Without trust there is nothing. Work towards always being honest with each other. Girls can always tell the little white lies and it dulls the shine off any relationship. Honesty and trust go hand in hand with each other and in turn bring about a relaxed, happy and enjoyable relationship. You’re happy she’s happy – it’s a love inn!


4. Respect Her Always

To you… she should be revered like a sacred moon goddess… worthy of worshipping on a daily basis… No seriously. Mutual respect of each other is uber important. Both of your needs, dreams and desires are equally important. Talking and regarding her with a twinkle in your eye says a lot. Your friends will pick up on it and so will she. If you don’t respect each other it’s not love.


5. Playfulness and Fun

We want to hang out with not only our lover but our best friend too. Cheeky playfulness means fun and lots of good times together. It makes it a joy to be together. There is no better balance than exploring the world together in a relationship having laughs, intimacy and wonderful adventures along the way.


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