unusual concierge requestsWhat exactly is a hotel concierge you may ask?

Well… generally a concierge is a man working in a hotel who is employed to satisfy the whims of demanding and valuable guests. These whims can be just about anything from booking beauty treatments, acquiring sort after concert tickets, to just about anything money can buy.

It would seem there is nothing a Concierge won’t do in order to satisfy these valued guests of the hotel.

Here are a few rather different requests revealed by concierges in action:

1. A bath made of Wild Goat Milk from Wales

It just so happened the hotel was the Savoy in London and the taxi fare to Wales and back was £600. The goat milk itself only cost £50.

2. Watch a movie on the beach without getting sand on feet

A Hotel in Cancun Mexico made it happen, with staff covering the entire beach with white carpets.

3. A private Golf Course on a Glacier in Iceland

Hotel staff created an 18-hole golf course just for this paying guest. The journey was made by private helicopter but after only three holes the guest had enough.

4. A suite of Armour and a White Horse

A hotel guest wanted to make a marriage proposal in complete style to his girlfriend. Hotel staff helped make it happen outside the lobby. Luckily the answer was a “yes”.

5. A Flowering Magnolia Tree in Hotel Room (in Winter)

Despite no trees being in bloom locally, hotel staff in Toronto Canada tracked down a nursery in California and were able to ship the tree to the hotel



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