BrisbaneMy upcoming ebook ‘Lure’ Book 1 of the Maellen Chronicles is set in Brisbane, Australia.

I thought I’d share some interesting little tidbits about the place…

  • Brisbane or rather Bris-vegas as commonly referred to by the locals was actually named in the Australian Edition of Lonely Planet as Australia’s hippest city in 2014.  Lonely Planet describes Brisbane as “arguably Australia’s hippest city”, describing it as an “energetic river town on the way up, with an edgy arts scene, pumping nightlife and great coffee and restaurants”.
  • Brisbane’s climate is apparently quite similiar to Florida and  the Bahamas.brisbanenight
  • 2 million people call Brisbane home, making it the third largest population in Australia.
  • Brisbane’s population is made up of nearly 30 per cent of people born overseas. Which I think is great because it makes for an interesting and diverse cultural dynamic.
  • Brisbane city is located on the Brisbane River and surrounded by lovely misty blue hills.
  • Spring time is when Brisbane turns purple. The place comes alive with Jacaranda Trees in full bloom. These purple flowering trees add a certain type of magical colour to the place.
  • In the month of October, it’s magpie nesting time in Brisbane. These birds go kamikaze crazy protecting their nests and are prone to swooping attacks on any would be passer by either foot, or two wheels. Locals tend to plan their paths around them or walk with umbrellas.
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