Doctors and Nurses – a short sexy tale

My thighs niggle me with heat, my skin sticking to the leather and refusing to let me shift in the reading chair. The summer sun torments the roof, tired tin creaking and cracking the silence.

My body slouches back and I hoist my thigh over the side of the arm rest, letting one leg dangle free as a delicious hint of cool air creeps up my denim skirt.

Why is he sitting all the way over there?

“Lure” Romance ebook Spoiler

Why is this happening to her?love and Monique Stravinsky

This is not so much about Monique Stravinsky, as what she went through. She wasn’t uncool per se but during High School she was one of the uncool kids. So this is a legacy issue.

Why was Monique uncool?

Was Monique uncool?

Monique never really worked up the courage to say hello to the Maths Class Guy, or ever show any interest in him for that matter.