Ben Wa – The Ultimate Sex Tip that will change your life…

I’m talking Kegel balls / Ben Wa balls, call them what you like!

These balls are a tool to strengthen and tighten your pelvic floor muscles. They suit everyone, post childbirth or not. Not only that, they can also be regarded as a sexy toy to heighten your arousal levels. Hot.

These Kegel / Ben Wa balls became popular with the book series of “Fifty Shades”, which portrayed the sexual neediness created from wearing them.

The jiggly sensation, I can honestly speak from experience, does engulf your entire being and makes you feel kind of sexually needy while wearing them. Just think, you could be wearing them any time and no one would ever know! You could be kegeling all day long.

Apparently 1 in 3 women have issues with weak muscles in their pelvic floor due to childbirth, sex or age. Working and strengthening the Kegel muscle can greatly improve this weakness. Studies have found that using Kegel / Ben Wa balls for around 30 minutes a day for 3 months will greatly improve muscle tone and stress incontinence.

Personally, when I wear mine, I tend to squeeze and hold my pelvic muscles for a few seconds and then relax for a few seconds when the urge takes me. After that I just set and forget they are inside me. I simply let them do their thing.

Aside from the health benefits of strengthening your pelvic floor, Kegel / Ben Wa balls can also have a life changing impact on your sex life! Using these vagina balls regularly can achieve some dramatic improvements in increased sexual satisfaction because tight pelvic floor muscles help you grip onto your lover during sex. The stronger you make your pelvic floor muscles, the more powerful and all engulfing your orgasms will be.

Working on strengthening your pelvic floor muscles leads to greater blood flow in your entire pelvic region which allows you to be more mindful of clitoral and vaginal sensations that flow on and build towards orgasm.

Remember… Strong pelvic muscles = stronger orgasms!

Kegel / Ben Wa balls are a really simple way to improve your climax and love making. Get yourself some today!

Who knows I could be sitting here writing this while wearing my own Kegel balls and you would never know. x

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