Self Love, Self WorthOK…so I meditated recently and pondered why do we care what others think of us?

I’m talking about the kind of care that really means stifling your spirit, or rather the living of your life to satisfy others.

Now that’s not what I call living your life for you.  I have counselled so many friends since my teenage years with their need to stop letting other people’s opinions (or rather the assumption of their opinions) rule their life.  I truly believe what matters most is what you think of yourself.  If you are at one with your own self then the opinions of others don’t even come into the equation.  I’m not talking about any disrespectful disregard for other people. What I am talking about is you living your life just for you and nobody else – a healthy form of self love!

Does it really matter what other people think of what you wear, what you say, the kind of job you have, the kind of house/neighbourhood you live in, your interests, your friends, your choice of lover?  NO it doesn’t!  Because to me that’s all the irrelevant superficial stuff that is meaningless at the end of the day.   What kind of depth of soul does that kind of an existence reflect for those that place their life worth upon it – unfortunately a shallow one.

And you are worth so much more than that!

I have never been one to allow myself to be held back by others.  And really aren’t the opinions of others based upon our own assumptions of what they are thinking of us?  So much of our precious energy and thought processes  wasted in the process.  I would love to take off the blinkers from you, the ones that have limited your full potential and allow you to see the beautiful person you are, that is already perfect in so many ways.  The only element lacking is love for yourself. You are the greatest person in your life and you are one of a kind – precious is all ways!

Surrender from conventional thinking and just let go!  You will discover the real you and that is the most treasured gift of all.

I wish you well. x


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