has your libido died
a happy libido
has your libido died
a happy libido

Has Your Libido Died?

I am intrigued i’ll admit.
Sex and all the intimacy associated…It would appear from what I’ve been reading in my travels, it’s on the way out.
Sex is dead. For a lot of people.
This is bad. Very bad. The world’s gone mad. I’m talking about people in relationships not wanting to enjoy some regular mattress mambo together.
I’m talking about people choosing to remain single because they just have no interest in intimacy. We’ve lost sight of the little things that matter. Life, love, sex and relationships.

Sure there are lots of people in unhappy relationships. No one wants to be intimate when they have lost all interest or possibly even grown resentment towards their relationship. Nothing kills off your libido faster than feeling unhappy emotions. Then of course there is the lack of sex drive itself, not just women but men as well. The remedy to this one will take some considered effort. Because your sex drive – if it’s running on a low battery life will need a recharge in order to operate with any kind of satisfaction again.  I’m thinking sorting out hormone levels and exploring new sexual desires or interests with each other. But you need to want to make your sex life work better than it currently is and consciously make the choice to improve it – together. Communication and open discussion can bring such closeness in any relationship. It allows you to break down possible barriers and heal areas not previously touched.

In Japan, almost half of all married couples regard themselves as being in a sexless marriage. I guess this is great if it works for you and you are completely happy. But if one, or both people in any relationship find the whole lack of sex part not satisfying then there is a huge problem.  I think we can lay some blame on social media to some extent. A ridiculous proportion of the population lives vicariously through voyeuristic tendencies with a two second attention span. Find out if this is a problem for you by not checking your phone for a whole day. If you start peaking and can’t do it, then i’m afraid you have a problem and it is most likely seeping over into other areas of your life – quite possibly your real world relationships. People are becoming more attached to their social media networks and are not actually living a life of real experiences of their own. I hate to tell you but social media hype is just that, you think everyone else is having this amazing time except you, that you are missing out if you aren’t constantly plugged into it. I’m sorry you’re not missing out. The only thing you are doing is not paying enough attention to your real world. You know the one that exists around you in 3D.

So ask yourself how is your libido? Do you think you have a healthy sex drive? How often do we think about this or maybe not at all?  Sexy time can be pleasure with yourself and / or pleasure with your lover.  It’s up to you. But whatever you decide make the time to find some sexy time. You won’t regret it.


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