Sex. We all do it.

And if we’re not chances are we’d like to be.

If only it was that simple. For some it’s great fun… all the time.

For others it can be not so great. But it could be!

And it all begins with loving your sex, feeling sexy, communicating with your lover and liberating your mind from old thought patterns.

I’m very blessed to have a very attentive lover who happens to be my husband and the father of my children. Our relationship has grown incredibly over the years and evolved into something extraordinary. To be honest it’s taken considered effort and an ever constant evolution of self to keep our lust for each other alive.

It’s like a tree, as my beloved would say, it grows stronger and deeper with age. Love and sex go hand in hand. Sure all relationships go through ebbs and flows, fundamentally though they need to be playful, loving and fun. Most of all you need to talk to each other freely and without judgement.

You need to talk sex and you need to make time for each other. Even if it’s running around the house like a headless chicken looking for your child’s sports uniform with ten minutes to go until you need to leave the house, you can always find two seconds to smack a kiss on each other’s lips in passing through these day to day routines. It makes any relationship alive with fun and keeps it fresh. You need to make time for sexy time.

I often say you need to tend to your relationship as you would a garden. With considered care and attention. Do you want a lush tropical rainforest full of exciting wonder and delight or do you settle for a barren wasteland of a desert for a relationship. I know what one I want. Give me rainforest any day. Like anything good, you need to put in the effort to make it fantastic. Relationships are no different. Just think of the delicious sex that awaits you!

What are you waiting for… get started in your own sexual revolution today! Bring it on baby… giddy up. x



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