loveheartThe old adage goes actions speak louder than words.

I never really appreciated what it meant when it comes to love in all its many colours. But now I do.

It’s the little things shared between people who love each other that seal the complete meaning of the word love.

Anyone can say I love you, but how many can provide a continual flow of love through actions and attention to detail?
If ever there was a time to stop and really think about what our loved ones do for us. It’s now. Recently I’ve been thinking about the little things. Like random acts of loving kindness and devotion.  What can I say, I love love. Mush factor plus. YES Please.

I am a romantic through and through. I want it all – hearts, flowers and the whole complete package. But don’t we all. I’m a lucky girl. I am blessed with such a love. Please don’t hate me.

But what if actions show the opposite? What if there are no actions? No displays of love through actions that are unprompted. Anyone can say the words I love you, but how many can show it.

Lip service is easy. I don’t think we should settle for less. Whatever less means to you. I have in the past and was never completely fulfilled on an emotional level. So I know the difference. I’m sure you do too for life experience is the greatest teacher.

When love flows effortlessly, the actions between two people flow with tenderness and consideration. I like to refer to being in a relationship as having a lush beautiful garden – continually well cared for and flourishing under the attention.

We need to tend our gardens and put the effort in to make it bloom even more by paying attention to the detail.

But if it’s the wrong garden, we need to honour our spirit and let it go. For there will be another garden just waiting to love and adore you.  x


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