Meeting a Guy Old Skool Style

I mean who doesn’t want to have what happens in the movies happen in real life?!

Girl meets guy or guy meets girl on a bus, on a train, in the street – just in real life period. And you talk, you strike up chemistry and you go and get coffee or exchange numbers. Cool. Way cool.

The possibilities could be endless.

In reality, you sit next to someone on the bus or train and usually on the whole most people are face down and staring mindlessly into their mobile devices. It’s becoming an insular world and one that is fuelling the rise of online dating sites. No one is talking to anyone in real life much anymore. I can see why – it’s easy to hide behind a name and exist virtually, vetting the talent until the right one ticks the boxes. No one gets hurt right. Wrong.

Who talks to real people anymore? Wouldn’t it be nice to to do just that – to give your heart a little flutter when the cute guy/girl starts talking to you on your regular ride into work and you like it. You really like it. I think it’s a really wonderful thing and one that should happen more often when the opportunity or gently nudge presents itself. There is something romantic about meeting a guy or girl old skool style like this somehow.

Take a risk. Take a chance and see what happens. You never know. That person making eyes at you could be wishing you would be the one to break the ice first and just say “Hi”. Who knows where that could lead to next?!

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