full moon intuitionI guess you could say I love the moon. The full moon in particular.

For me it’s always been a special time in the night sky. I’ve always been stopped in my tracks when I stop to really gaze and absorb the majestic way the full moon covers everything in magical silvery light.

I get goosebumps just thinking about it. I want to bathe in moonlight. I feel so incredibly drawn to stop and ponder its beauty.
I think my mind enters its own phase at this time. When you think about it, our bodies are made up on over 70% water and the moon controls the tides. So is it any wonder we’re connected to the cycle of the moon. Some more than others.

Call it intuition or inner guidance. Whatever it is I find a time to stop and be present, to connect with simple beauty.

For me the moon is a wonderful and positive experience, a balancing of mind body and spirit. But for others it can be a very different experience.

Look at the word Lunar, it comes from the latin word Luna which refers to the moon. Then look at the word Lunatic, it comes from the latin word lunaticus, which means ‘moonstruck’. An affliction of mind influenced by the stage of the moon. I find it fascinating.

I know of so many occasions when people’s behaviour changes in a rather dramatic way when the full moon is at work. Or as some people say, it’s full moon time, all the nutters will be out. It’s the lunar effect.

Good or bad the moon influences each of us in different ways. Some not at all. The moon allows us to unlock and engage our intuitive selves.  I love this time of the month …


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