I’ve been on hiatus from the digital world in recent months.

I truly needed the time out. Remember those cartoons where they put toothpicks in their eyeballs to keep them awake.

Yep. That was me not so long ago. Doing too much for a long period of time. It was taking its toll.  I was exhausted with a capital E.

Trouble is… I find it hard to stop. I don’t know about you. But there’s just so many things I want to do in any given day.

The digital world is full of so many interesting things to read and view. It’s endless. It fills your mind with information overload at times and encourages a very short attention span. Perhaps I was taking some of that on. The need to do it all now. Instant results. Real life isn’t like that.

So I’ve been using my time to read and write more. You know like real books in my hand and pen and paper. Very old School. Ha ha… I’ve been allowing myself to relax. Yes. Actual relaxation with no guilt in wasting my time in allowing it to occur.  Incredible… to just stop and not be occupied every minute of the day. I’ve found myself daydreaming more and enjoying it. To limit my exposure to over saturation from the digital media world has been like going on a really cool beach holiday. It’s all very zen like and grounding.  It’s a reminder to keep life in balance throughout this wonderful journey and allow yourself to slow down when you need to. A good way to start is with a digital detox! I can highly recommend it. 

I’m off to walk along a sandy beach… barefoot. x


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