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Why is this happening to her?love and Monique Stravinsky

This is not so much about Monique Stravinsky, as what she went through. She wasn’t uncool per se but during High School she was one of the uncool kids. So this is a legacy issue.

Why was Monique uncool?

Was Monique uncool?

Monique never really worked up the courage to say hello to the Maths Class Guy, or ever show any interest in him for that matter. He was in most of her classes, but when it came to Maths; well, that was where she couldn’t keep her mind off of him. He was made to sit up the front by the teacher because he was thought to be naughty. But it was a misunderstanding. Monique knew that. But no one else did; so in Maths, and only Maths, he sat just off to the side in front of her.

So close… and yet so far.

In every other class he sat behind to the rear of the class whilst she was stuck near the front, and she could only but listen in to the conversations he used to have with the other students.

And this went on for a long time… all the way through High School.

The Maths class guy featured heavily in her teenage daydreaming about boys; both at school, and, well every other time she thought about boys.

He was tall, dark and handsome, with Boy-band good looks that made girls go giggly and shy.

The Maths Class guy had charisma, but hardly any ego. He was the sort of boy-next-door guy that all girls get on well with growing up.

The Maths Class guy was athletic, but not an athlete. He was cool, without being one of the cool kids. And he was always in trouble without being one of the bad kids. And he was funny. Very funny. Often at his own expense, but still funny. Funny without being goofy. There was a lot to like about the Maths class guy; and not much to dislike. He was the sort of guy every girl in High School would have been happy to hold hands with at lunchtime, and Monique was no exception.

But, that is all that added up to.

The Maths class guy is one of those UNRESOLVED things that happens to girls. Unresolved like: the pair of shoes that got away; the missed opportunity of the handbag that sat in the window for weeks waiting for her only for it to disappear when she finally had the money to buy it. Or the bitch of a girl who snatched the last pair of perfect jeans off the rack in front of her during the Myer Stock Take Sale.

The Maths class guy was always… unresolved. That thing that should have somehow been addressed but wasn’t. That person you seem to think you are supposed to run into again after school but don’t. He was always the one that should have run into her in the street and they then end up sitting in a coffee shop talking about what didn’t happen between them in High School.

But he didn’t. He was always the one that got away. To be honest, he was probably an unresolved thing for many girls in High School; but this story isn’t about them. It’s about Monique.

Monique went through her entire High School life without any noteworthy encounters with the object of her desire; or any actual attention from him. All the way through High School she was sadly not noticed.

And that was the end of that.

… Till ten years later.

Enter Hadrian Maellen.

Hadrian isn’t the Maths class guy. But he may as well be. Same hair, same height, same cheeky Boy-Band looks. Same toothy grin and million dollar dimples digging in his cheeks. Except about 5 or six years older… and with a smattering of freckles. He, for all intensive purposes is the same guy Monique day dreamed about all the way through High School. Except more mature… and a little bit older.

And that, as we less often say; is NOT the end of that.monique and hadrian

Hadrian is interesting. He wasn’t the cool kid in school. He wasn’t an athlete and he wasn’t a clown. Hadrian had his head screwed on and has done it tough. Hadrian had to grow up… fast.

Now Hadrian is a Concierge at the Hotel Monique is staying at. The evening Concierge to be exact.

And he noticed Monique.

Hadrian noticed Monique when she needed it most; after a horrific accident with a rose; well, to be more precise, a horrific accident with rose thorns. And it was indeed a horrific accident. The accident was probably as bad an accident as you could have with a single red rose without doing something drastically stupid with it; like spontaneously ingesting it and then trying to vomit it up. And that is drastic.

Yes… it was a bad accident.

And it was no ordinary rose.

… And they were no ordinary thorns.

Hadrian turned up when she needed him and as far as she was concerned, he was her Knight in Shining Armour who arrived in her time of need; and he was the splitting image of the Maths Class guy. The guy she has the unresolved thing with.

And, as I’ve already said, that was NOT the end of that.

What will Monique Stravinsky do?

Will Hadrian Maellen be another one of those unresolved things?

And does the rose that made her life a nightmare have anything else in store for her?



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