bizzare sex advice from history

The question still remains… what were they thinking?! Some of these crazy ideas about sex from history are simply bewildering. 

Okay hit it from the top…

Ancient China around 300BC

Apparently Immortality is assured if you have sex with a different virgin every night…. without ejaculating. Apart from the apparent focus on males gaining immortality…. where is the fun in that… no climax?

Middle Ages 476AD – 1500

Missionary position is regarded as the only allowed sex position with all others considered sinful. Kama Sutra anyone?

A Medieval Manual called De Secretis Mulierum (The Secrets of Women) claimed women sucked the life force from men. Ahem… literally.

Renaissance 1300 – 1600

Alchemist and writer, Isabella Cortese in 1561 claimed she could cure bent penises with musk, amber for straightening, large-winged ants and quail testicles. What a drink that would have been.bizarre sex advice from history

Victorian Times 1837-1901

In a book published in 1900 titled Confidential Talks with Husband and Wife, apparently “sex four times a month is more than enough”. In fact, anything else would be “excess”. Um… I don’t think so.

Another book published by Dr John Cowan in 1888, The Science of a New Life, lay claim that the wearing of corsets which was all the rage in Victorian Times caused “the return of blood to the heart, overloading sexual organs and causing unnatural excitement of the sexual system….It is almost impossible that such women should lead other than a life of sexual excess”.  Of course…. corset anyone?


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