I am surprised. I’ll be honest.

It even topped searches for porn. That’s kind of impressive. So it begs the question… Why?sexless marriage





Sexless marriage is such an issue. I mean why are married couples or even those in relationships not having sex. Or rather sex that rates a mention. I would have thought that is one of the factors you shack up with someone.. sex on tap. I know that’s why I got married. Access 24/7.

How do relationships end up being sexless and unsatisfying? Do you simply lose interest in each other – the lust factor? Lack of time?  Life changes? Whatever the reason, something needs to change or it’s never going to get any better than what it currently is – Sexless.

I believe a special bond of intimacy is created when you are having sexy time on a regular basis with each other and the longer the gaps become between intimate moments together – the wider the gap becomes between you – both physically and emotionally.   You disconnect from each other and so the shutdown begins…. and I believe this is what largely contributes to wandering eyes and emotional attachments being created with other people – hence the rise of affairs and relationship breakdowns.

In this crazy busy world we all exist within – we need to slow down and make time for each other in our marriages and relationships. Talk to each other about what we need and want in our relationships. Reflect within and take a look at how you are treating each other. Do you allow yourselves time together to appreciate the little things?

Let’s be honest, the more sex you have the more you want it. And I suppose the less sex you have, the less you even think about it. Then the gap between having sex becomes so great, it’s almost a forgotten thing in your relationship. I think it kind of signifies the health of any relationship – in need of some attention.

I know I feel a little titchy if I haven’t had sex for one day with my husband. I could never accept a sexless marriage as the norm. Some can. But are they happy or just accepting it without doing anything to change or improve it?

Do yourself a favour and do whatever it takes to seduce your lover – spontaneously. A little attention and intimate loving even if not high quality. It will awaken and quicken the pulse of anyone who does enjoy sex but just can’t be bothered to get into it anymore.

Giddy up and may the “O” be with you. x


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