MindfulnessI’m glad you asked…

It may come as a rather obvious revelation… but just in case you didn’t realise… your mind does not control you.

You are the boss of your own mind.

Do you believe me?

The secret is to achieve it through a state of mindfulness.

One of the most important things you can do is keep a check on your thoughts. What are your predominant thought patterns?

Bringing an awareness to your thinking allows you to make changes to the thoughts that you hold.  This soon allows you to become aware of trends of thinking such as negative or positive.

More importantly, you can use this self awareness to change your thinking through mindfulness, choosing thoughts that inspire, motivate and invigorate you.  Essentially choosing thoughts that make you feel good.

Being mindful is raising your awareness, being present in the moment, having a specific purpose to focus upon. For example, meditation is mindfulness. When attention and focus is directed purely on the breath moving in and out of the body, it brings your mind into the now, a state of complete awareness. This is a state of mindfulness. It’s a state of being in the now, and giving that moment your complete attention.mindfulness training

Giving our minds our complete attention through acts of mindfulness, can at first seem daunting. Any change is going to feel uncomfortable at first, the mind is quite content running on auto pilot a great deal of the time. Once checks and tune ups start happening, the mind does tend to resist at first, as old ways of thinking take time to evolve into new ones.

A great place to begin is to keep a daily check list for one week and write it down every day in a journal. What were you top 10 thoughts? Then at the end of the week, you can review your own mind and see where there are areas for improvement.

Achieving a state of mindfulness in your everyday life will allow you to be in charge and total control of your mind.

Enjoy your journey and remember to practice random acts of mindfulness for yourself and others!


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