Rise of the unhappy mind
modern spiritual calm
Rise of the unhappy mind
modern spiritual calm

The Rise and Rise of the Unhappy Mind


How many people have you encountered that suffer from a state of unhappiness? That includes you by the way.

I’ve noticed an increase in individuals suffering from anxiety, stress and depression. There is no exclusive stereotype – it could happen to anyone of any age or background. Coupled with this, people are more unhappy in their workplaces than ever before, with rates of psychological stress and trauma skyrocketing.

Why are we more unhappy than ever before? Why are so many people living stressed and unfulfilled lives?

Any wonder our sex lives are suffering. That is the last thing on our minds when feeling unhappy.

We have created an insular society. The trouble is most people have become focused on the cult of I. That is me, myself and I. It’s all about me. All that matters is one’s own life existence as perceived by them, coupled with the fear of judgement. And so it becomes a perpetual endeavour to live up to the perceived ideas and expectations we hold to satisfy ourselves and others. In doing so we lose track of the small stuff. We stop appreciating what we already have in our lives including the people and relationships we share. 

Any wonder people have become so highly strung – worry and stress consume their minds. What happened to practising some loving kindness to yourself and others?

A significant element for dissatisfaction with life is in my opinion and shared by many is an individual lacking any connection with a deeper level of inner peace or rather a sense of spiritual calm. Faith or divine connection can weave a tapestry of contentment that will leave you feeling happy, centred and truly content with living your life. Achieving this state can be through whatever works for you. It could be sitting with your eyes closed simply breathing slowly or getting lost in something you really enjoy. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated. 

So how do you live on a day to day basis – with a sense of contentment and calmness within yourself? The answer lies in uncovering the layers that are hiding you from you – if that makes sense. It is a journey to uncover the true you untainted by outside influences and lifetime experiences. And it is this journey which will bring you, as it has myself, much joy and fulfilment in discovering your spiritual self and realising your unlimited potential for a life of happiness and endless possibilities.

I wish you endless love and light.  x

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