white fitted boyshort undiesI have this fascination with guy’s undies. The white fitted ones in particular. I can’t help it. I guess it’s all in the presentation and because I’m a girl, there has always been an element of the unknown contained inside that fabric.   My husband thinks it’s a fetish that I can’t control, but… gawd…white fitted boyshort undies. Let me at him!

unsexy undies

Unsexy undies on former Australian Prime Minister

I had a bad experience with my first few boyfriends.  Well, all of them until I met my husband.
They all wore Jockies. Bah!

Now, I’m not sure where most of you are reading this from but in Australia we have this thing… They are called ‘budgie smugglers’ and they are the most unflattering type of underwear you could ever hope to see on a guy. Seriously, it’s like pouring some cold water on your libido when you see them.

Our previous Prime Minister, thank god he’s no longer on the world stage, took to prancing in front of the media in his budgie smugglers. and you will understand what I’m talking about and why its a good thing he no longer does it.

A centerfold pin up he was not, and to make matters worse, budgie smugglers are a national disgrace (unless you are a divinely endowed centerfold model with a panty busting physique to match).

Back to the jockies.  A man really has to have the physique to wear them. But, I’m sorry to say, most guys don’t. It’s sort of like the female super model thing that 99% of earths female population don’t conform to.  The idealized magazine version of a guy that can successfully wear jockies doesn’t exist in the real world.

Unless your prospective perv has an airtight ass and the physiological visual appeal to match, then jockies are probably not what you want to see them in (as far as titillation goes).

But… white fitted boyshort undies.   Now we are talking!

Well tailored boyshort undies have this ‘present thing’ going for them.  Think, “pre-sent” as in presentation – not to be confused with present as in ‘right now.’ When the goods you’re interested in are wrapped up just the right way, well, it may as well be Christmas as far as I’m concerned.

My husband thinks I have self control issues.  And I do… if he’s wearing the aforementioned boyshort undies.

He presents well. And has the bum to back it up. It, he, is… what would you call it, an enticing package. And I can’t keep my hands off of him.   (Hey, I’m allowed. We’re legally married, monogamous; and this is what I married him for; access to the guy bits. They’re mine… well, ours, and if I want to indulge my inclinations then I will do as I so wish.)

So, it’s all about how boyshort undies package things. The fun things.  Which is why I love them… (boyshort undies). The way they are tailored to fit a guys person is really flattering to the object of my desire. You can call them wrapping paper if you like, but, well gifts are meant to be unwrapped and that is what boyshort undies invite me to do… unwrap my guy.

Capiche. x


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