Who is Hadrian MaellenHadrian Maellen. Delish.

Alas he’s a character I’ve created and exists in my mind.

That’s not to say there aren’t any real Hadrian Maellen’s out there somewhere.

Here Had-dy Had-dy…. Here Had-dy Had-day… Ahem what am I thinking or rather daydreaming.

He’s not a cat. He’s part of my imaginarium. A rather delicious guy. The kind of guy I could while away the hours with, talking and playing in all kinds of fun ways.

Hadrian you see is not a boof head, or meat head or Neanderthal. He has a brain and is easy on the eyes. Very easy on the eyes. I have this thing for mussed up hair, dark and dishevelled. I think it’s from my younger days listening to indie bands. There’s mystery and intrigue and something to uncover.

You might be surprised to know Hadrian Maellen comes from an extremely well heeled family. His ancestry is impressive. Not that his appearance or demeanour would allow one to assume such a thing. Hadrian is well mannered – cursing is for heathens. He is old school charm. He knows how to treat a female. Oh yes indeed. He is VERY talented in ensuring her needs are attended to and her happiness is forthcoming.

He has a thing for doing his own tarot cards when the moon is full. You could say he is spiritually connected.  Hadrian is not the kind of guy to find in the Hotel Aberleigh. Monique was one lucky girl to cross paths with him. But then perhaps nothing is a coincidence ever.



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