and it’s not about HIM… It’s about taking care of YOU!

You can have all the love you want from your man and avoid being in an unhappy relationship. 

You only need to focus on one thing = YOU!

Why do you need to make yourself the most important person in your life?

Answer = It begins and ends with you taking care of you. Simple right.

Once I made the decision I wanted to have a more loving relationship with my man – I decided to look at myself first.

And I am so glad I did. The benefits of self love, sorting our emotional baggage, being less serious, having a healthy body and mind, dressing to accentuate yourself and a little garden maintenance provide the basis for life to change for you in truly beautiful ways. Your relationships will never be the same again.

Would You Like To Get Started Now? 

Discover how to get the kind of loving relationship you crave from your man and keep him coming back for more. It’s time to take the first step towards making it happen.


Romance Flash Fiction

Married... Sexually satisfied... or so they thought...

At least so Monique and Greg thought... until one night and one little word spoken.

Or rather called in the throes of passion. The wrong word at the wrong time.

During a rather intimate encounter, Monique is forced to face her own reality and reflect on her marriage to Greg.

Does everything happen for a reason?

How could one little word change your life and spin it upside down?

Well, it did for Monique… and her life will never be the same again.



It was only meant to be a weekend stay in that damned hotel. Work. Sleep. Eat. That’s it.

What I got was temptation laid in wait. First the damn rose. Then him. Hadrian Maellen – enigmatic with his dark tousled hair and unassuming perfection.

Things started to perk up the moment I opened my hotel room door to him.
The line between work and play became dangerously blurry that weekend.
I never intended for things to get so out of hand.

You see, I’m an empath and I can taste people’s emotions. Yes taste them. I use it to my advantage. Most of the time.

Hadrian tasted good. Heart pounding lust good.
Where is my dignity? My self-respect? My panties?