Do You Have A Healthy Form Of Self Love?

Self Love, Self WorthOK…so I meditated recently and pondered why do we care what others think of us?

I’m talking about the kind of care that really means stifling your spirit, or rather the living of your life to satisfy others.

Now that’s not what I call living your life for you. 

So What Exactly Is Mindfulness?

MindfulnessI’m glad you asked…

It may come as a rather obvious revelation… but just in case you didn’t realise… your mind does not control you.

You are the boss of your own mind.

Do you believe me?

The secret is to achieve it through a state of mindfulness.

Moonbeams and My Mind

full moon intuitionI guess you could say I love the moon. The full moon in particular.

For me it’s always been a special time in the night sky. I’ve always been stopped in my tracks when I stop to really gaze and absorb the majestic way the full moon covers everything in magical silvery light.

I get goosebumps just thinking about it. I want to bathe in moonlight. I feel so incredibly drawn to stop and ponder its beauty.

A Visit From My Praying Mantis

message from my praying mantisRecently I had a very busy week, like flat out, non stop, no sitting down kind of week. No free time to just stop and be still. It sucked.

Running on empty never does anyone any good. Eventually it culminated in all the rushing and hectic pace actually coming to a momentary end one afternoon. So I had free time. Wow. A new concept right. And I have to say I was at a loss as to what to do next, or rather where to start.

It was as though the momentum of being so busy was still humming away inside me, not letting me just sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy the fact I had a few hours to myself to do NOTHING. A luxury most of the time.