Mr Maellen… at your service… A Girl Meets Boy Romance Ebook

girl meets boy romance

I have a new release romance ebook.  It’s a different take on your standard romance story. But to me, different is great.

Different makes you sit up and take notice and it allows your mind to drift in new directions… along those beautiful neural networks.  Reading allows you to escape to feel and think about the world in a slightly different way, even if just for a moment. Continue reading

New Book Release “Get The Love You Want”

How to get the love you want from your man.“Get The Love You Want : and it’s not about HIM… It’s about taking care of YOU!”

My latest book release is available now on AMAZON Kindle.

Once I made the decision I wanted to have a more loving relationship with my man – I decided to look at myself first.

This ebook is a collection of my own musings on elements that have changed my lovelife into something quite blissful. I thought I’d better share…  Continue reading

My Romance Book “Lure” has a New Cover – What do you think?

I was beginning to feel like the old cover of my book Lure just wasn’t doing the book justice. I’ve been reading so many blog posts about book covers. The one that stood out was all about the cover image, stripping away the words. Does the picture convey the story of the book?

I realised the old cover of Lure certainly didn’t.

So I had it changed… Continue reading

Déjà Vu – a short romance story snippet…

deja vu - a short romance storyMy eyes stick on the broad shoulders bent over the sink, the flimsy white t-shirt clinging across the round bulgy bits that show he’s no lank.

His head arches down lost in the soap suds his hands are working. My mind sparks, memories that aren’t supposed to be there taking hold of my attention. My eyes eat it up and the familiarity sweeps up my emotions.

Déjà Vu. Continue reading

Grab A Copy of My Romance Ebook “Lure” Available For FREE 2 Days Only

Just to get you in the Valentine’s Day romance vibe … I’m making my Romance Ebook available for FREE for 2 DAYS ONLY – 13th and 14th of February 2017.
Grab your copy on Amazon Kindle… Click the links below to get you there… xRomance ebook

White Fitted Guy Undies

white fitted boyshort undiesI have this fascination with guy’s undies. The white fitted ones in particular. I can’t help it. I guess it’s all in the presentation and because I’m a girl, there has always been an element of the unknown contained inside that fabric.   My husband thinks it’s a fetish that I can’t control, but… gawd…white fitted boyshort undies. Let me at him! Continue reading

FREE Romance Ebook Download 1 Week Only

My debut romance ebook “Lure” is available.

FREE via Amazon Kindle from 26 September 2016 to 30 September 2016

I would love to know if you enjoyed reading this book.

Please leave me a review and let me know your thoughts.

Morgana x

Don’t let it look like you’re interested…

I know where to look. I know all the tricks; which mirrors reflect where and what can be seen from each.

My eyes blink off to the corporate girl pretending to be unamused with the pamphlet being turned over in her hand.

I don’t get it..?

What is she doing? Continue reading

“Lure” Romance ebook Spoiler

Why is this happening to her?love and Monique Stravinsky

This is not so much about Monique Stravinsky, as what she went through. She wasn’t uncool per se but during High School she was one of the uncool kids. So this is a legacy issue.

Why was Monique uncool?

Was Monique uncool?

Monique never really worked up the courage to say hello to the Maths Class Guy, or ever show any interest in him for that matter. Continue reading

5 Unusual Requests Revealed by Hotel Concierges

unusual concierge requestsWhat exactly is a hotel concierge you may ask?

Well… generally a concierge is a man working in a hotel who is employed to satisfy the whims of demanding and valuable guests. These whims can be just about anything from booking beauty treatments, acquiring sort after concert tickets, to just about anything money can buy. Continue reading