Who Exactly is Hadrian Maellen?

Hadrian Maellen. Delish.

Alas he’s a character I’ve created and exists in my mind.

That’s not to say there aren’t any real Hadrian Maellen’s out there somewhere.

Here Had-dy Had-dy…. Here Had-dy Had-day… Ahem what am I thinking or rather daydreaming.

He’s not a cat. He’s part of my imaginarium. A rather delicious guy. The kind of guy I could while away the hours with, talking and playing in all kinds of fun ways. (more…)

Can One Word Change A Life?

Well… I would have to say YES it can!

One word can shift your world and turn it upside down. Words have the power to unite or divide.

After all, it’s our words that shape us. Words prompt us to associate with some people and not with others.

Let’s face it, some words can’t ever be forgotten and can never be taken back. They are unforgivable.  Once out of the bottle, that’s it… the bubbles and fizz escape at the same time.  (more…)

Mr Maellen… at your service… A Girl Meets Boy Romance Ebook

I have a new release romance ebook.  It’s a different take on your standard romance story. But to me, different is great.

Different makes you sit up and take notice and it allows your mind to drift in new directions… along those beautiful neural networks.  Reading allows you to escape to feel and think about the world in a slightly different way, even if just for a moment. (more…)