Who Exactly is Hadrian Maellen?

Hadrian Maellen. Delish.

Alas he’s a character I’ve created and exists in my mind.

That’s not to say there aren’t any real Hadrian Maellen’s out there somewhere.

Here Had-dy Had-dy…. Here Had-dy Had-day… Ahem what am I thinking or rather daydreaming.

He’s not a cat. He’s part of my imaginarium. A rather delicious guy. The kind of guy I could while away the hours with, talking and playing in all kinds of fun ways. (more…)

New Book Release “Get The Love You Want”

How to get the love you want from your man.“Get The Love You Want : and it’s not about HIM… It’s about taking care of YOU!”

My latest book release is available now on AMAZON Kindle.

Once I made the decision I wanted to have a more loving relationship with my man – I decided to look at myself first.

This ebook is a collection of my own musings on elements that have changed my lovelife into something quite blissful. I thought I’d better share…  (more…)