I’m a believer in the unseen. I don’t need proof to believe in the unseen. I just know.

Call it what you will… having faith, being spiritually attuned… whatever. I love it all and I always have ever since I can remember.

The paranormal. The slightly odd other worldly experiences. I find them all fascinating and intriguing. It’s my kind of normal.

Reading books that involve paranormal worlds and vampires / angels / shifters / demons / fae / witch / warlock / spirit beings is like an escape from reality. For just a few hundred or so pages I can pretend I exist in their world too.

That being said, I do love romance books as well. The perfect combo is some romance with a touch of the paranormal and a sprinkle of erotica. So many times I have read really great paranormal romance books when the couple finally get together and you really want them to have a beautiful sensual sex scene and it rarely happens. But the possibilities are endless in my mind!….



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