At the moment, I would have to say it’s my new favourite thing to do… getting all cosy and snuggly in bed with a vampire. Ahem, a vampire romance book. I guess we all go through phases of reading different types of books and I’m going through one right now.

I definitely like things kind of offbeat and quirky. I’m not one to follow the herd. So I guess it’s not really surprising to know I love reading paranormal inspired romance novels.

I’ve just finished reading all the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead. I had never read any of her books before and so I started reading them with no preconceived ideas. I really enjoyed them. Infact I found them to be page turners. Every chapter ended on a cliff hanger and I wanted, no, I needed to know what happened in the next chapter. Which has resulted in some very late nights because I just lost track of time, before I knew it, it was close to midnight when I decided to check the clock beside the bed.

I love a good book and if it keeps me awake and surges my body with an array of emotions, like firing up adrenaline late at night then that’s pretty great.  A great book gives me a world to escape within albeit a voyeuristic one, but an escape nonetheless. It’s not often I find books that do that to me.

Sleep deprivation has been my friend recently as you can imagine x.




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