Time is my enemy.

I need more.

Like an extra 5 hours in my day would be so great.

I have so many words, ideas and little ditties I want to sit and while away the hours following the threads they feed me. I have windows of time to pursue these seeds and develop them further.

You see, I’m a Mummy. I have no time. Well what I do have I need to utilise well. My house is peppered with random pieces of paper with words that remind me of my thoughts. Eventually I get to stitch them all together and weave the magic between them. Alas not as fast as I would like.

I’ve read so many spiritual books that keep reminding me that time is an illusion and I need to set the intention I have all the time I need to write my stories and bring my characters to life. Okay…entering zen state now… Ommmm…….

Maybe I just need to find the time. Why do we not make more time for the things we love to do? I think I need to slow down and make the time to write and the world can spin around me.

How do you find the time to do the things you love?



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