My favourite time to write is at night.

When everyone is asleep, the dead of night seems to encourage the shadows of creativity to take shape from their blank canvas.

The stillness.

The endless possibilities to create uninterrupted.

This is the time to create new worlds on the page.

The morning alarm clock is the only time I regret my late-night stints if i’ve been on a roll the night before.

I’ve heard lots of people are either day or night people. I’m both. Which creates kind of a problem seeing as my body does actually need sleep at some point.

Strange ideas seem to flow when your mind slows down enough to listen to the ideas it whispers to you. Perhaps that’s why my love is reading and writing paranormal romance stories. They make my heart sing.

How about you? What stories make your heart sing?

See you on the other side of my dreams. x


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