Let’s face it, music infuses your creative juices. It delivers a rhythm that conjures up beautiful imagery. I love how it fires your imagination.

I’ve been thinking about my top 10 music track playlist that gets my mind into the head space for writing romance stories lately.

Here’s my current Top 10 Music Playlist as at now:

“Crystal” – New Order

“Bliss” – Muse

“Just Like Heaven” – The Cure

“Bohemian Like You” – Dandy Warhols

“Consequences” – Blank and Jones

“How Soon is Now” – The Smiths

“It’s No Good” – Depeche Mode

“Kids with Guns” – Gorillaz

“Bitter Sweet Symphony” – The Verve

“Song 2” – Blur

Each of these songs deliver a unique emotional vibe when writing my stories. I have been known to listen to certain tracks on repeat several times a day until I have got it completely out of my system!

What’s your favourite music playlist to write your novels to while grooving along?



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