I’ve noticed certain ingredients sexy people seem to share in common.

And it’s not as complex as you may think.

I think it’s time to get in touch with our sexy side…

A down to earth and natural appeal
There is something totally inspiring and relaxing about people who seem real and comfortable in their own skin. I don’t care what anyone says, a diva is not sexy. Love yourself for who you are right now. These people grin a lot and share a joie de vivre for living. Happiness is part of their appeal, importantly, they can laugh at themselves.

Be yourself
It really is that simple. Don’t try and imitate others or modify your behaviour in order to blend in. Just be you, warts and all. The beauty of you, showing your flaws and imperfections only makes you more desireable.

Let go
That is, don’t give a second thought about pleasing or submitting to the opinions of others. This not only stops you from living but also keeps you chained down to their ideas and opinions. Be brave and set yourself free to be yourself otherwise you will only grow resentful.

Dress to enhance your shape
If you feel sexy in what you are wearing, it will radiate from you. Sexiness comes in all different shapes and sizes. It’s how you feel that matters. Don’t dress older than you are by assuming a stereotype of the appropriate mode of dress standard for your life. Break the mould. If you feel great in your clothes it will show.

Lipstick and Mascara
Two very simple pleasures! Who doesn’t want to feel girlie. These two ingredients take no time to apply and can brighten your day. Just wait until you look in the mirror and see this sexy chick looking back at you, make sure you wink!


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